What is Mocha Espresso:

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Mocha Espresso is an often ordered beverage by the youth today, especially people in call centers. It is made out of milk with added chocolate and cocoa powder. Just like cappuccino, Mocha Espresso includes the well-known milk froth on the top, and also sometimes served with whipped cream instead. Mocha Espresso is topped along with a sprinkle of either cocoa powder or cinnamon according to taste. Chocolate buttons can also be additionally added on the top for the flavoring and decoration for Mocha Espresso recipe.

Another kind of mocha espresso is White Mocha which is made with white chocolate rather than milk or dark chocolate. Another variety is the mixing of two different syrups like black and white mocha, tan mocha, marble mocha and tuxedo mocha.

Method for making Mocha Espresso:

  • Place all the ingredients (Milk, sugar, coffee powder, crushed ice and chocolate ice-cream) into a blender or food processor.
  • Blend it perfectly.
  • Drizzle the chocolate sauce in the glasses and preserve this in the refrigerator especially freezer for couple of minutes.
  • After that pour mocha espresso in glasses.
  • Ready to serve with…Yummy…